Tu corazón Florece
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Miércoles, 08 de Agosto de 2012 15:21
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Tu corazón Florece
Your Heart Blooms
Nikotz'ijan ak'u'x

Your heart blooms (poem)

To: Leonardo Lisandro Guarcax González

By: Rosa Chávez

May my heart bloom when it stops pumping red ink, may it sprout tiny thorns and yellow flowers, may it be dyed and may various animals and two-headed birds be painted on it.

May my heart turn into soil and so a pine tree grows, and sees through the eyes of an owl, may it walk like a coyote, may it speak by a dog´s bark, may it heal within quartz from a cave, may it grow on a deer´s horn.

May all my hearts be tied up with a colorful snake for it not to be confused on who owns them, to mark them up, to find them again on a path between this and other worlds.

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